Monday, July 16, 2018

Day 13  How do I stay kind driving in DC?

If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear.  I drove yesterday and today did not even wish to see my car.  I am from a one or two traffic sign town in rural Virginia.  Growing up, the worse I dealt with was Richmond Virginia which has a few four lane highways but no roundabouts with four or five lanes and a google map stating to take the third right when the lane ended on the second right.  There are no cars which park where they wish, as lanes dwindle to nothing or are blocked with only waiting as an available option.  Today, my family and I walked and walked in order to get to the National Cathedral 2.4 miles away from the hotel.  On going back, we took a taxi with a very kind Jamaican born driver.  He was kind enough to drive us by the street where the Obamas live.  We talked a little about politics as he mentioned how we all come from a woman and was very kind in leaving us where we asked.  He could have overcharged us as other drivers who we asked prior to going to the cathedral quoted a rate of 15 dollars.  We paid less than 12.  He seemed happy, and I wish him to remain and grow in his happiness.  Today, I also felt a little happier meeting him.

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