Friday, July 20, 2018

Day 17 Home

I have always found the thought of home being kept in the heart as a wonderful notion.  While watching Hallmark Christmas movies, home and family as the heart of Christmas happiness has made me appreciate family more.  The Bible discusses honoring your mother and father.  I am lucky as my mother is one of the kindness people I know.  My dog is a 15 year old old goat (well dog) who can be a royal prince or in other words a royal pain.  My kind mother has been taking care of him as we have been on vacation.  He has been getting her up early in the am around 4 am to be fed.  She has shown kindness to him and continues to laugh when discussing how she and he are no longer on speaking terms.  She has given a lot of people love and joy.  Sometimes being aware of this can be a source of happiness for both ourselves and others. 

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