Saturday, July 21, 2018

Day 18   How to be kind

That is the question I ask today.  When I interact with others, I have the terrible habit of looking at life from the other person's point of view.  The Native Americans and Taoist or maybe the philosopher Confusius discussed the need to look at life from the other person's viewpoint.  In other words, one must walk in another person's moccasins in order to really understand the person.  Well, this could be a double edged sword if the other person was not a nice person.  How much do we help the other person?  Maybe it is in the understanding and in the kindness toward ourselves that we accept what is and then go on with our lives to be the kindest we can to ourselves.   We can offer friendship and help to those in need but with limits.   Do onto others as one would have them do unto you.  In all kindness, sometimes it is may be needed to follow a different path and spiritually follow a kinder direction may it be in life, work or family.  I thank my younger friends but wise non the less for help in this direction today.   I had rose colored glasses when young that everyone in the world wanted the same things, to be happy, to help each other, and to follow the golden rule.  I have since realized that this does not happen on itself.  I still have hope but know that the first rule is to be true to myself and from that grow.  The knowledge that in helping others, I grow, is the first step in the revolution that I believe is needed in our society.  I hope that we all can grow as a community, nation and world into a world in which we all can be proud. 

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