Friday, July 27, 2018

Day 24   It's all how you look at it

Sometimes the mind can be a wonderful thing.  I can feel on top of the world when I think I have helped someone who thinks I am the brightest and kindest person they met.  Sometimes, it's not.  When someone may think that I ruined their life when I may not even know them very well, it sucks.  Regardless, I am not that much in the equations.  I am a small part of it.  Learning this and teaching myself this in moments of crisis helps.  Still kindness, I believe only triumphs when I can do this.  Sometimes I can't.  I have talked to others about cognitive behavioral therapy.   I have to re-enlightened myself on relooking at an idea or action at times.  Again, I live in my own world.  With the thought of looking at life as an observer,  I can survive.

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