Sunday, July 29, 2018

Day 26   Animals on parade oh my

I was having a family discussion on why I was not a vet today.  I love animals.  They are easy to relate to and are easy to give unconditional love.  I have been bitten by animals and metaphorically by people.  The animal bites can be easier to understand the why and how come.   I have forced pills down my dog's throat in the altruistic notion that if he did not swallow it, he would be doomed with 3 months or less.  I have also pushed different unspeakable regions when boot scoot bootie time rolls around to save about 100 or more dollars.  Did I get bit, oh yes, I did.  Human bites as in an unkind word or an emotional issue which was never intended are more difficult to deal with.  I have tried to be more patient with myself and have tried to be bullet proof as in not taking things for granted.  I hope to work on this in the days to come.  Sometimes it may be better to look at life from a different point of view.  Buddhists try to let go of the ego.  Is it ok to do this all the time?

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