Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 5  Words

I am a little tired today and have gotten back from the Imagine Dragons concert.  I enjoyed seeing the kindness shown to the audience and each other from the performers.  The first performer, Grace, spent several minutes in thanking the audience in humility and in pure enjoyment as well as the Imagine Dragons, for giving her the opportunity to sing her words.  She appeared to enjoy herself as she twirled onstage.  Her hair was adorned with flowers strung together.  Her feet had no shoes and appeared to float.  She spent several minutes thanking us for listening to her music and self-expression.
When the Imagine Dragons came onstage, the place exploded.  At the end of the performance, he thanked the audience by going up and down several aisles and giving high fives.  He had thanked his bandmates and then again the audience for listening to their words as well as music.  He also thanked the drummer's parents and sibling who were in the audience for giving them such as talented musician.  Listening to this, I could not help but smile.   I have thought about thanking others more at home, at work as well as friends who have supported me and have gotten me through tough times.  Through the kind words of the performers' thankfulness, I have realized how lucky I am as well as happier when I express how others' caring acts touch and lift me up. 

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