Monday, July 9, 2018

Day 6  Words

"Better than a thousand empty words is one pregnant word, which brings the hearer peace"
- Buddha

I have been thinking today of the concert and how the words of the lead singer from Imagine Dragons influenced me and the crowd around me.  I was sitting next to a teenager, boy, and his brother.  Their Mom also was in the row.  During one of the songs, (My Demons, I believe), he stopped and started to talk about depression and mental health.  He started to say that he had dealt with depression.  After going to a therapist, he finally got the answer to why he felt the way he did.  I believe this gave him hope, and in his hope, knew that he could change.  He talked about liberation and owning who he was.  He seemed happy to me when he talked about it.  He was pumped up and excited the crowd.  The boy next to me yelled out "PREACH".  He was self contained with his hands crossed during the concert.  After this, he started to sing with the lead singer, pump his fists and clap with the crowd.  I wonder how many lives the young singer has changed with his words.  Today, I have tried to focus on mine.  At times, I have had to bite my tongue and reconsider what I was saying.  I felt like using my words today to defend my actions.  As I listened and tried to understand what the other person was saying, I realized it was not about my actions or me, it was about trying to solve a problem that the other person was having.  Another time, I became a little irritated by an action not being done.  I was about to become upset as "why wouldn't someone not pay attention to what I am saying and do it."  Again, it was not about me but a misunderstanding.  Today, I could not change the world like the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, but I felt a little less angry and irritated.  I felt, probably, a little happier

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