Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Day 8  Sometimes it is hard

The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Buddhism, talks about kindness as a religion all to itself and the way to be happy.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what the kind thing is.  I have had a past issue in which someone did something that was not kind to me and did not take into consideration my feelings.  I believe that we all have been down this road before in life.  I had tried to be kind to this person who acted inappropriately and became too friendly to the point of being uncomfortable.  I had set limits and attempted to walk a tight rope in this to prevent further embarrassment for us both as well as to help this person learn and grow from this.  I don't think that it worked.  Later, I found out that the person was overstepping boundaries again with other friends.  I do not know if by not speaking out  that she could get into a lot of trouble by what she did.  I do not speak anymore with the person.   I would like to yell at her to stop.  She has a lot to lose by continuing down this path.  I don't think she is happy.  It is hard to see people suffer as I have worked with people while dying and have seen both physical and emotional suffering.  I have experienced suffering but not at the point of the other suffering which I have seen.   At this point, it is hard to know the kind thing and what to do.  I have offered help but have not received acceptance in this.  At times, I think that it is like substance abuse or other disease.  In order to be able to help another person in kindness, the other person must accept this.  If they don't, it is hard to help.  Sometimes, maybe, the kind thing to do is to accept what is and let the other person live their own life. 

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