Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Day 29   How to pull up the big girl pants

That is one of the most difficult questions that I ask myself.  At times, I find it easy to wallow in my own misery especially when it's that super special time of the month.  Again I am going through changes that our parents never talk about and am finding it exceedingly harder to find kindness in myself.  The fallback for kindness has been picking up my love able curmudgeon of an old dog and carry him around the house.  Today, he didn't seem as excited for this option, so I watched a favorite feel good movie.  I like it for the relationship between the two characters who have large age differences.  Even though they are at two different points in their lives, it is nice to see a story about respect, friendship and support outside of a romantic relationship.  I felt better as both characters show kindness to each other.  I hope that this shows that maybe kindness can be contagious.   The more I see, the easier it is to show kindness to myself and others.

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