Sunday, September 2, 2018

Day 61  Dragons, pandas and dogs... oh my

We are.  That's all.  We can't be something other than us.  I am who am with quirks, crabbiness and more.   After spending the day working on and off, watching rerun television and going to the movies with my family, I have been indoctrinated more into this idea.  We are best when we are who we are, baggage and all.  Kung fu panda 3 says it all when Po teaches his family and friends to be the best version of themselves.  Alpha showed how a young man and a wolf can trust in themselves banding together to find their way back to their home.  Kedra, the human ,led with his heart to spare the life of the wolf, Alpha, and thus the journey begins.  This listening to the heart happens over and over again in movies, including How to train your dragon series.  Believing in self is kindness at it's best.  Again, leading to happiness in who we are as it is difficult to change the person we are meant to be.  Maybe, that is a good thing.  Some religions believe we are born to be a certain being in order to honor God.   Some religions believe we are born; blank slate and all.  Whichever is right, I believe, does not matter.  The idea is that we are able to be and grow for ourselves, no one else.  In the movies, this growth leads to life, happiness and growth of everyone involved, family and friends alike.

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