Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 90 Ugly Duckling

I was thinking of the story of the ugly duckling actually yesterday.  I always enjoyed how the duckling turned into a beautiful swan and found where he belonged.  The story had a understated "see me know" kind of Cinderella vibe.  I started thinking of it as I was reading  a quote from a philosopher/spiritual person.  The quote talked about how we are all interchangeable.  The unattractive or ugly qualities can transform at some time into a beautiful swan and vice versa.  The words may change; the thoughts may change of what we label something or ourselves.  The house maid changes into a princess with belief of self and the love of a prince.  The duckling changes into a swan with time and growth.   I think the trick is to see it all as it really is.  There is no beautiful or ugly.   It just is.  Becoming who we are without an idea of labels presents freedom and acceptance leading to innate happiness and kindness.  This is my theory. 

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