Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 92 May the Force Be With Us All

I remember watching Star Wars (A New Hope) in the movie theatre when it first came out.  It was called Star Wars and later added A New Hope to the title.  I was memorized by the science fiction aspect and special effects that were on screen.  I was also blown away by the idea of a force that could be felt and combines us all.   I still believe in that innate force of what I first thought was good.  Now, I don't know about this label.  I believe in what may be called the Light from John's gospels.  This force of God, light, Tao brings us all together.  I believe this is where kindness can grow as we are able to understand and feel from another's point of view.  Sometimes, it becomes difficult when hurt arises.  When the focus goes from we to me, anger and hurt can arise.  It is hard to recognize this when it happens. 

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