Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 99 Prayer

I went to a conference today regarding spirituality in health care in which I am interested.  Keith, the speaker who is also a minister, discussed role of our spirituality in how it can affect our interaction with others, especially those we serve.  One way of caring for others involved in his talk self care.   How we care for ourselves was discussed in how we connect to others, connect to the bigger scope of life and our inner voices.  The idea of blessing of the hands was also brought up.  In this, one hands are blessed with olive oil as another person says that they bless the others hands for whatever the person needs help.  I watched as I saw people, strangers, connecting with each other in a ritual which showed that we all need a little help; we all are small but connected to each other.  I would ask blessing of my hands to continue to find connection to each other and myself.  Handshakes help with this.  In this connection, I believe we find a greater purpose, spark and God. 

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